iStock_000004158211Medium- computer mouseThe best commute is one that only involves a information superhighway. You don’t need to a crystal ball to picture what the commute will look like next week. So if your company has a telework program, help everyone by using it. If you can, prepare to telework for several days.  

Here are some tips: 
  • Separate work life from home life.
  • Get “ready” for work.
  • Establish “office” hours.
  • Divide up your day.
  • Set up the proper environment.
  • Keep the lines of communication open.
  • Don’t constantly monitor your cellphone.

If your company does not currently offer telework, here is an emergency toolkit to help quickly implement a telework program at your worksite.  Please keep in mind that this toolkit is for a short-term program to address the current situation. Please contact us to set up an appointment for a FREE consultation with our telework team so that we can make sure your telework program is meeting your company’s long term goals.

Emergency Telework Toolkit

Also, if your company offers a compressed work week such as a 4/10, consider not coming into the office early in the week.